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sitting in school.... =_=

boooooring XD Im sitting in school and I have nothing to do ^^v yey >_>; Hope you poeple have more fun right now ^^; Your Ishi PS: MY HAIR WILL BECOME BLOND TODAY!!!! <3
22.10.07 11:39


Hey folks!

I have no work today ^^ so Im sitting here and watching TV @_@
But I have some more Naruto Animes here so... that would be better than the daily suff on TV ^^;;

Your Ishi 

18.10.07 11:47

sorry I'm late =_=

Sorry that I've not found the time to write
here earlier T_T

I have a sore throat and strange pain in
my stomach oO
hope it will be gone soon ^^;;

So I have to say that the concert about two
weeks ago was very nice!
It was sooo~ wonderful to have so much
kind people there and such da nice time ^^

I hope to see you all soon again on the next


Your Ishi 

17.10.07 16:58

Ishi's erste Eintrag

Ehm ja hallo ^-^

Ich wollte mal hier anfangen und hoffe,
dass ich nicht allzu selten was schreibe,
damit es euch nicht langweilig wird.


Euer Ishi 

4.10.07 11:02

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