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It's so boring so let me say...


(in german it's much more Fun to say..... XD)

7.10.08 09:23


Hey there ^^
Now Its time for my after-concert-report:

 It was so great to see all you cool und loveable people there =D
Okay... some things didnt work the way we expected but... HOW CARES??? IT WAS SO FUXKIN' COOL !!!!!!!

 Im looking forwart to see all of you at the next concert !!!

Love you all sooo much!!

Your Ishi

17.9.08 21:30

still here

Hey there (Yeah Ill try to write in English ^_^v)

Hope you all are fine. I just woke up a few minutes ago... *yawn*
poor Ishi XDD

ano... I will call my teacher for basstraining today to get some lessons ^^ would be cool to learn some more techniques *_*v

Now Im searching for MP3 files of an old interview... but I cant find them =_=


AAAAH!!!!!! There is someone who will send them to me *__*
Very special thanks to yami, the master of Datensicherung XD (we should all call her GOD *__*v)


Okay then I have to negotiate the terms for getting the files >__>

Bye bye See you!!


20.8.08 12:10

Endlich mal wieder was von mir...

Hallo, Leute!
Es tut mir leid, ich habe lange nicht mehr geschrieben *zu hide schiel* wurde ich mal dezent drauf aufmerksam gemacht ^^;

Also mir geht es soweit ziemlich gut und ich bin voller Vorfreude auf das kommende Konzert in Münster. Ich hoffe ihr seid alle da und freut euch mindestens genau so viel.

Ansonsten bin ich momentan damit beschäftigt an neuen Songs zu arbeiten und Bewerbungen zu schreiben... Gott macht das "Spaß".... =_=

Achja ich hatte vergangene Nacht einen interessanten Traum... ich hab geträumt, ich müsste Kuma bei der Steuerfahndung verpfeifen... Ob das was zu sagen hat? Ich werd da mal mit ihm reden müssen XD

Bis hoffentlich bald!!

Euer Ishi

11.8.08 13:24


Hi there ^^

Im just here in bed and
watching TV XD (South Park)!
I am LOVING it XD hehehehehe

Hope you guys are well ^^
Tomorrow is Baaaand-daaay XD
will be very cool again :3

okay sorry I dont know much more
to write ^^;  

Your Ishi 

15.12.07 00:09

11 pm

hello my dears!
Its about 11 pm and I become
tired ^^; Well its been a while
since I wrote the last time gomen.

Well... the dentist wasnt a problem
at all XD so dont think about!

and... YEEEAH!!!! XDDD
Sorry *lol* but just in THIS moment
Yu sent me a lot of D'espairs Ray
tabs <3 <3 THX so much Yu *hugs*

höhö okay then... will I have a look
at it ^__~

oyasumi nasai mina-san!

Your Ishi 

22.11.07 23:06

dentist T____T

*wäääääh* >____<

I have to go to the dentist today...
in... 20 min.... and...




23.10.07 18:03

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